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Public Lands

The system of National Parks, National Forests, Wildlife Refuges and Bureau of Land Management lands are one of the greatest treasures in America. The continued attempts by Republicans and special interest groups to exploit the resources for profit is unacceptable.

The United States Government holds these public lands in trust for all Americans- both current and future generations. It is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that future generations can enjoy these lands. 

Managing resources for the public trust means that decision makers must balance resource extraction, public recreation use and conservation. The decisions are not always straight forward.

My belief is that these resources should be preserved and protected for future generations. While logging, grazing and mining may occur on some of these lands, these activities should never be allowed if they will be detrimental to water, wildlife or the future use of the lands by the public.

As part of a comprehensive public lands management reform package, I would re-write the General Mining Act of 1872 that allows free access to mine public lands without fair compensation to the government or appropriate restrictions to mining to protect critical habitats.

As the Founder of a not-for-profit that fights for public trust resources I understand the challenges we face. I am currently involved in challenging a mining proposal on National Forest lands in Arizona and have been deeply involved in a fight to protect the Superior National Forest and Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness from proposed copper mining. 

Our public lands should be treated as treasures, not as bargaining chips to fulfill campaign promises or to pay back large campaign donors.

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