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Guns & Background Checks

I am the holder of a firearms owner id card and believe that it is not reasonable to expect that guns can or will ever be banned in our country. I also do not believe that our Constitution protects the unrestricted sale or ownership of firearms. Certainly, our founders could not have imagined the advancement in weapons technology that has occurred since our founding.

I believe very strongly in universal background checks and we MUST close the gun show loophole. The gun show or Brady Bill loophole allows private sellers to sell weapons without running background checks on the buyer. A 2015 Harvard study found that 15% of all gun sales occur without a background check. 

I understand that a father may sell a gun to a son, but the Brady bill loophole allows any private seller to sell a trunk load of weapons to any random person without any background checks. This is bad policy and must be changed.

I also believe that the fundamental right "to bear arms" in our Constitution is an important one. A citizenry who has no right to be armed is at risk of being persecuted by its government. That right however should not extend universally. The government should restrict automatic weapons and other types of guns that have the ability to cause mass casualty events. Protecting citizens from their government and protecting citizens from gun violence can occur without trampling on either goal. I will support universal background checks and any reasonable legislation that restricts the sale of weapons that can easily cause mass casualty events.

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